Community Supporters

Kathleen Kelly always puts our children first. She has consistently pushed our district to better meet the social and emotional needs of our children. She knows that improving our schools for our most vulnerable children improves them for all our children. She is focused on closing the opportunity gap, and she builds consensus to bring about much needed change. She understands the importance of the voices of the educators within our classrooms, and she was instrumental in forming a new advisory committee of educators focused on building curriculum, instruction and assessment that best fit the needs of our community. As a Cambridge Public School parent and teacher, I am grateful for Kathleen’s leadership on the School Committee and enthusiastically support her re-election.

Mary Elizabeth Cranton
Cambridge Public School Parent and Teacher


As a former CRLS teacher and long-time community activist, I am grateful to Kathleen for championing safe schools for LGBT students, students of color, and others who have been at disproportionate risk in our public schools.  With her continuing advocacy, social justice has a better chance.

Arthur Lipkin
Retired Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Teacher


As a public servant who has spent time in the trenches of state and federal government, I know that it takes a committed leader to propose policy, guide stakeholders and, most importantly, reach resolution and implementation. As a mother of children in the Cambridge Public Schools, I know firsthand how important it is that Kathleen Kelly continue to be given the opportunity to support our kids, from all backgrounds, in school.  We are fortunate to have her represent us.

Juliette Kayyem
Cambridge Public School Parent, CNN Analyst, and Author


Kathleen has my #1 vote for School Committee because she is dedicated to supporting policies that aim to meet the needs of students across very broad diverse backgrounds.  She has been instrumental in bringing innovative and effective programs into our classrooms. I was particularly impressed with her advocacy for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and increased social work supports both at the district level and now at six K-5 schools where these supports are needed most.  Kathleen supports restorative practices, which are effective in building supportive classroom cultures that keep our children and youth in the classroom and engaged in learning.

Carolyn Fuller
Past Cambridge Public School Parent and Community Activist


Kathleen Kelly is a solid member of our Cambridge community and I’m proud to call Kathleen my friend.  The value she adds to the Cambridge School Committee can be measured in the many changes our district has taken in the last four years to move our district forward.  In addition to her deep and clear understanding of the budget, she is a compassionate listener and is fighting every day to keep our district focused on the individual child.  Kathleen is passionate about our children.  She is focused on the work that needs to be done every day to keep Cambridge the best urban school district in Massachusetts.  That is why I’m voting #1 for Kathleen Kelly.

Joyce Gerber
Cambridge Public School Parent and Attorney


I was so glad when I learned that Kathleen Kelly was running for the Cambridge School Committee. When we served together on the King Open school council Kathleen was an active and constructive member. She was able to maintain a balanced perspective amid very difficult discussions. She possesses a keen ability to understand issues deeply and invite people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to engage in dialogue.

Leah Rugen
Cambridge Public Schools Parent
Former Co-chair of the King Open School Council


Kathleen Kelly’s decision to run for School Committee made it much easier for me to run for City Council. She is a thoughtful, level-headed collaborator who has the education, experience and commitment to make a significant difference on the School Committee. With an open seat, we needed to elect someone who not only can analyze and understand the educational issues facing our city but also knows how to work with others to pass sound policy for the good of all children in our district.

Marc McGovern
Cambridge City Councillor
Former Cambridge School Committee Member


I highly recommend Kathleen Kelly for election to the Cambridge School Committee. Cambridge is fortunate to have a candidate with her experience, education, perspective, temperament and knowledge of the city’s diversity.

Frank Duehay
Former Mayor of Cambridge
Former Assistant Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education


As a CPS parent and former educator, I’m acutely aware of the need for leadership that understands the entrenched social roles that show up in Cambridge’s diverse population. Kathleen Kelly has the necessary training and personal experience for this critical perspective. Facing these differences head on has the potential not only to prepare our children for the increasingly complex world they will inherit, but to make the Cambridge Public Schools a national model for what’s possible in urban education.

Debby Irving
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Parent
Former Haggerty Parent


After seeing Kathleen’s hard work on the Elizabeth Warren campaign, I understood how committed she was to advancing the cause of progressive governance to uplift the lives of all people in our community. My partner and I hope to stay in Cambridge and raise a family here — with Kathleen’s leadership on the School Committee, I have no doubt that our children and all Cambridge students will have the opportunity to benefit from a world class public education.

Jesse Kanson-Benanav
Chair, Cambridge Democratic City Committee, 2014-2016


Kathleen Kelly is bright, energetic and thoughtful in her approach to the issues of educating our children. Her ability to lead people while also bringing them together is what impresses me the most about her.  I saw this in how she re-invigorated our Ward Committee, emphasizing our commonalities and respecting our differences.  She pushed us to work hard to elect Elizabeth Warren by continually reminding us why our efforts were important.  Her voice and presence are a much needed addition to the Cambridge school committee.

Alanna Mallon
Cambridge City Councillor